The educational scene in Balochistan has been very foggy and bleak. AID Balochistan has been contributing in education sector for a couple of years to ensure the quality education in Balochistan province. In this regard AID has a private school in district Qilla saif-u-allah (Muslim bagh). The objective behind the establishment of such school is to provide quality education to local vulnerable children with low cost fee to enable them get quality education under the supervision of trained and experienced teachers.

The other project is on life skills based education at schools & community level in District Quetta. Through this project AID trained and educated nearly four thousand adolescent Boys imparted with Life Skills Based Education, the aim behind these trainings is to enable them protect themselves from exploitation, HIV/AIDS and lead healthy life. Besides, 70 youth organizations in-school /out of school Adolescents will be trained as Trainer Peer Educators for further trained Adolescents as change agents.