Emergency Response

1.   Viewing the devastation of the flood in July 2010 in various districts of Balochistan, there is an immense need to design a consolidated and long lasting mechanism for the relief and rehabilitation of IDPs and flood effecters’ of Balochistan. To bring about improvement in the ongoing efforts, AID Balochistan conducted a round table dialogue on “Baluchistan’s IDPS- Any Way Out” in collaboration with Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad on 30th November 2010. Various stakeholders from Government Departments, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Media Representatives, Social Activists, and the effecters of flood participated in the activity.

2.  Being humanitarian organization, AID Balochistan has been serving the deprived and marginalized communities and displaced persons affected by calamities whether natural or man-made. The following are some main achievements in the emergency response and relief work.

  • Carried out extensive relief work during the drought of the Balochistan in all over the province. Our focused area of working was, Qila-Saif-ullah. Core areas of drought in mentioned district was Union Council Murgha Faqir Zai and Union Council Loi Band. We distributed different food items, non food items, and conducted medical camps with experienced medical team.  Also held sessions of capacity building on the issues of flora and fauna.
  • Carried our relief work and providing shelter to earthquake areas in Balochistan. Most of the funds were raised through philanthropy and concerned individuals for the construction of the shelters, food, and cloths for the affected.
  • Carried out relief work in the flood-affected areas with support of the ACTED Pakistan and German NGO Malletus International.