Balochistan, geographically being the largest province of Pakistan is considered most vulnerable to various problems prevailing nationwide. A large number of populations of the province that dwells in the remote areas are suffering with severe social issues while have no access to goods and services both from public and private agencies. Health related issues have seriously been devastating the lives of people and has been felt one of the utmost needs of the masses. Lack of access to services and poor quality of services if ever exist has been contributing on the susceptible scene in health.

AID Balochistan has been taking keen interest in providing quality services and goods in order to envision a healthy Baluchistan where each and everyone has easy access to basic health facilities. Thus intervening in this field, AID Balochistan has carried the following mentionable activities in health sector,

  • Arranged and organized Free Medical and Surgical Camps in various district of Balochistan mainly in Qila-Saif-ullah, Muslim Bagh, Quetta, Kalat, Noshki, Chaghi etc. thousands of patient beneficiaries were provided with health services while more than 80 professional doctors participated in these camps. Successful surgical operations of eye, ENT, and Gynecology
  • ┬áTotal Participants 38
  • Total Participants 51