Political Education & Awareness


1.  AID Balochistan; have already conducted the round table discussions about Balochistan crisis there were different stake holders and political parties civil society organizations government representatives were attend this which was held in 26 Dec 2010.

2: AID Balochistan continuation to activities pertaining to raising political education and awareness conducted a seminar on the utility of 18th Amendment in the current situation of Balochistan on 26st December 2010. The topic of the seminar was “18th Amendment, Will it Mainstream Balochistan? Grievances versus Prospects.” Representatives from different stakeholders i.e. political parties, Civil Society Organizations, Government Representatives, and a large number of general masses were invited to present their opinion and concerns on the said topic. Majority of the participants showed grievances on 18th amendment while demanding a New Social Contract from Government both Federal as well as Provincial. The participants claimed that a solid solution to the problems of Balochistan does not lay 18th Amendment but there is much more to be done by the government.

This activity was organized in coordination with “Center for Research and Security Studies Islamabad.” The activity is aimed to put pressure on government and sensitize general masses regarding concerns on 18th amendment.


3.  AID Balochistan’s prime motto is to create political education and awareness among masses. She aims to reduce the gaps among political parties and state machinery and provide them with an environment & platform to discuss the mutual issues & conflicts. We are committed to create awareness among masses to reduce frustration among various segments of state. We determine the root causes and effects of the prevailing issues which have generated extremism, talibinazation, anti-Pakistan attitude and immense unrest among common masses of the country. Making productive interventions to bring about improvements in the political scene, AID Balochistan has been arranging a series of programs in different areas of the province to bridge the gaps while keeping in loop various stakeholders including Government representatives, elected representatives, bearcats, leaders of political parties, religious leaders, lawyers, students, women, religious minorities etc