Supporting Women’s CNIC Registration – USAID & AF

Project Location: District Washuk

Donor: USAID & Aurat Foundation

Project Duration: August 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013


AID Balochistan has implemented a project of USAID-Gender Equity Program at Washuk district and the plan of this project is the CNIC registration of women at this district. Under this project about 14000 women have got there CNIC. The project was completed at Washuk under collaboration of Aurath Foundation and AID Balochistan.

The main purpose of the project was gender equity and women rights especially in rural community and population.

Voters Education: Voters education and right of vote especially for women also main component of this project. The community was focused upon the value of vote and sending nomination of women for vote or voting process. The seminars, walks and other strategies were practiced in this process.