Our Objective

Our Objectives:

  • Resource mobilization for provision of social services in the field of health, education and natural resource management to the deprived communities;
  • Promotion of human rights especially( Minorities, women and children rights) through pro-active participation in human rights activities/programs;
  • Facilitate and encourage target communities to initiate the process of local resource mobilization for income generating activities for self-sufficiency.
  • Foster and support activities for integrated; self-reliant and long term development to benefit the disadvantaged (women, children, minorities, laborers etc.) in particular and the whole society in general.
  • Mobilize and organize the local communities to empower them take initiatives for their equal and active participation in the development process.
  • Promote sustainable livelihood; community based natural resource management and disaster management.
  • Promote mutual understanding and integrated efforts through workshops, seminars, dialogues and cornered meetings at gross root level for the promotion of human rights and values.
  • Socio- economic uplift of the population through resource management, peoples’ participation and effective partnership with Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations working in the area.
  • Promote and access to quality formal and non-formal education with special focus on women –folk.
  • Improve health and hygiene situation.
  • Contribution to Institutional Reforms & Good Governance initiatives at grassroots level.